About my Website


I’ve been interested in Art since I was a child and now, I’ve finally created my artist website, where I can upload my portfolio but also make “how to” tutorials that you can get inspiration from to develop your own creativity. There are lots of different content you can find here, for example:

  • Original Drawings, Paintings and Photos Representing Different Subjects and Created Using Different Styles and Techniques;IMG_20181124_211511
  • Original Ideas You Can Get Inspiration From to Develop Your Own Creativity and Skills (for example: Original Ideas to Make Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, and Other Festivities’ Drawings, Decorations, Postcards…); IMG_20181223_202933visit this link to have more information https://elfisart.wordpress.com/portfolio/74/
  • Step by Step Tutorials: they include Photos, Captions and Brief and Exhaustive Explanations (have a look at the “how to draw” projects in the “All Projects” category in the menu or click on the link below) https://elfisart.wordpress.com/portfolio/74/
  • A Blog
  • Frequently Uploaded Accurate Content;
  • Frequently Updated Accurate  Content;
  • Much More!


Here’s a list of all the the pages of my website (with a brief summary of all the content you can find in each of them)!



All Projects:

The “All Projects” section briefly regroups all the content (works and texts) I upload on my website. In this section you can find short captions that describe my works, photos, links and much more!

Have a look at it! (or click on the following link) https://elfisart.wordpress.com/portfolio/

My Blog:

In my Blog, I’ll Post Articles, Photos, Links and much more Regarding Art

About ElFi and Her Art:

In this section you can find my artist biography and my artist statement.