About ElFi



ElFi is an italo-australian student and artist; she was born in Italy in 2001, but soon after her birth her family moved to her mother’s native country, Australia, and lived there for some years before moving back to Italy, where she still lives and studies Art, Music and foreign languages.

ElFi has always been interested in Art, and started drawing and painting when she was only a child. Her art has changed through the years; for a few years, she’s been drawing portraits of different people, trying to capture their best features, their beauty; most often she uses (coloured) pencils and charcoals to create a chiaroscuro. During her high-school years she was introduced to Photography; since then, she’s been interested in photographing nature, espcially trees and forests. She has often drawn, and sometimes still draws, mountain and country-side landscapes, using coloured pencils and/or acquarel colours to capture all the variety of shades they assume according to light. She often likes to mix different techniques, for example using acquarel colours and coloured pencils together, or pencils and pens ecc… Her main artistic influences are Impressionism and Romanticism.