Art is first of all a way of expressing ideas, human feelings and emotions, besides expressing the artist’s technical skills: it’s a means of communication, just like the written and spoken language we use daily to communicate with others, but instead of using letters, words, sentences and phrases, it uses images, sounds, noises, colours and so on; 

There are lots of different “types” of Art, which differ in the way in which the artist whishes to express him or herself, for example, in the Performing Arts, artists use their bodies to perform (and so to express) something, through dance for example, while musicians use sounds, sound effects and sometimes even noises (to which they give rythm), while in the language used by visual artists is made of points, lines, spaces, lights, shades, colours, geometric shapes and so on.

Some of the most popular categories of Art are: Visual Art, Performing Art, Digital Art, Body Art, Fan Art, Films, Comics, Music, Literature, Design and Photography, even though…

….Everything which matches technical skills and creativity to communicate a message in an original way, can be considered “Art”;

the word “Art”, in fact, comes from latin “ars, artis”, and indicates any activity which, through different processes and by using different tecniques, leads to the creation of a work, a masterpiece…a “work of art!”




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